Range 8 – 180° Multipurpose Range

An ideal environment for multidiscipline skills training

Range 8 is perfectly suited for live fire and simunition training, including:

  • Security detail arrival and departure
  • Static vehicle shooting tactics
  • Small unit close proximity immediate action drills
  • Live fire medical extraction scenarios

Range 8’s custom design easily supports basic instruction of marksmanship fundamentals while facilitating 360º “off the X” training scenarios with simunitions.

It is exceptional for fire-and-maneuver exercises as well as barricade shooting. T1G instructors often use Range 8 with multi-discipline training scenarios that leverage multiple T1G assets.

Range 8 provides for the safe execution of complex, high-risk, realistic scenarios IOT condition appropriate responses to contacts long before operators need to depend on skills often developed through experience in active theatres under combat conditions – the least forgiving of learning environments.

More Specs:

  • 35×100 yard 180º Multipurpose Range
  • Supports pistol, shotgun, machine gun, rifle up to 7.62mm

MFP Area Rated for Simunitions